Send a congratulation

Make your virtual relationship more successful, and overcome the large distance between you and your lady by enjoying happy moments together. You can start building on the distant relationship when you are both trying to please each other with small surprises. Those small moments can strengthen your relationship, and build a strong base for a couple's happy future.

Two options

Do you want to surprise a lady you care about? There are two ways of doing it. The first one, and the easiest, is to send her a personal message or a virtual gift through our website. By this gesture you will show her that you are interested, and thinking about her.

The second option is to send a special gift, such as flowers or chocolates. It is for those people who want to show a very personal and caring approach. To make this possible, we have created our new service of personal delivery. If you want to put your relationship with the lady on a new, romantic level, then we advise that you send her a present which will prove to her that she has a special place in your life and heart.

Delivery service

The special delivery can take place anytime you want, whether it is for special occasions or just to show your feelings. You can send a nice bouquet of flowers to the person you like and prove to her that despite the current distance between the two of you, you still think about her frequently. That way, she will know that even if you cannot invite her to a romantic dinner right now, you are trying to make the distance less uncomfortable for both of you.

If your lady is in a bad mood, a nice box of chocolates will cheer her up. If she is not feeling well, you can send her a fruit basket to aid her recovery. When it is her birthday and you want to please her, you can send her a nice perfume and some flowers. If your lady has a child, or she is a little childish herself, you can give her a cute teddy bear.

Our delivery service, as well as all the services of our agency, is very personally oriented. We can satisfy special requests when acquiring gifts. As an example, we can provide her with a specific CD if you know the kind of music she likes. We will be more than happy to find whatever you need, and whatever you want your lady to have.

We can deliver a present to your lady’s doorstep, along with a special note from you. In this special note you can put some nice words to accompany your present. And, as a memento for you both, we will take a photo of her receiving your gift, and we will send this photo to you and your lady.

Choose the present for your lady

Choose a present from those below and place your order. Write the number of the present you want to give and to which lady (name and ID nr). Then write your special note for the lady (up to 500 characters).

After you have made the order, we will confirm it and deduct the credits manually from your account (credits balance). Total amount of credits include: delivery costs (for most cities), a special note for the lady, and the photo.

Note: We will notify you in advance if the delivery costs are higher than what is included. For example, if the lady lives in a remote village. In this case, you can decide whether you will bear the expense or not. If not, we will cancel the order, free of charge.

Place your order here

No. 1                                                    No. 2                                                   No. 3
       9 Red roses (165 credits)                     9 Pink roses (165 credits)                   9 White roses (165 credits)
     15 Red roses (180 credits)                   15 Pink roses (180 credits)                  15 White roses (180 credits)
     21 Red roses (205 credits)                   21 Pink roses (205 credits)                  21 White roses (205 credits)


No. 4                                                    No. 5                                                   No. 6 
    Red roses, candies (175 credits)           Bouquet sunshine (190 credits)           Cup with flowers (180 credits)


No. 7                                                    No. 8                                                   No. 9
    Red cup, flowers (180 credits)              Bouquet, 15 roses (200 credits)          Red roses in vase (180 credits)


No. 10                                                  No. 11                                                 No. 12
    Red roses, purple (180 credits)             Bouquet green (190 credits)               Bouquet surprise (190 credits)


No. 13                                                  No. 14                                                 No. 15
    Bouquet pink (190 credits)                   Bouquet, 21 roses (225 credits)          Bouquet orchid (195 credits)


No. 16                                                  No. 17                                                 No. 18
    Bouquet style (195 credits)                  Bouquet basket (200 credits)              Spray roses (210 credits)


No. 19                                                  No. 20                                                 No. 21
    7 Red roses (175 credits)                     15 Orange roses (215 credits)             Bouquet chic (225 credits)


No. 22                                                  No. 23                                                 No. 24
    Bouquet summer (215 credits)             Balloons 3 red (35 credits)                  Balloons 3 colorful (45 credits)
                                                             (only with order of flowers)                 (only with order of flowers)


No. 25                                                  No. 26                                                 No. 27
    Balloons 5 red (45 credits)                   Teddy bear (55 credits)                       Doggy (55 credits)
    (only with order of flowers)                  (only with order of flowers)                 (only with order of flowers)


No. 28                                                  No. 29                                                 No. 30 
   Chocolates arrows (40 credits)               Raeffaello (40 credits)                         Chocolates, nuts (40 credits)
   (only with order of flowers)                    (only with order of flowers)                  (only with order of flowers)


No. 31                                                  No. 32                                                 No. 33  
   Chocolates Monterini (40 credits)           Chocolates Roshen (40 credits)            Gift basket (215 credits)
   (only with order of flowers)                    (only with order of flowers)


No. 34                                                  No. 35                                                 No. 36 
   Cake cherry (35 credits)                        Cake chestnut (40 credits)                  Cake with fruits (50 credits)
   (only with order of flowers)                    (only with order of flowers)                 (only with order of flowers)


No. 37                                                  No. 38                                                 No. 39 
   Cake, coffee, nuts (40 credits)               Fruit basket (195 credits)                    Fruits delicious (200 credits)
   (only with order of flowers)