Virtual communication is a modern form of communication

Nowadays, the Internet has been firmly integrated into people's lives, being a source of information as well as a means of communication. We can positively say that since the Internet was created the world has gained an absolutely new level of development with a huge virtual space to relax, work, share information and communicate. 

According to statistics, online social networks and dating sites are particularly popular with users. Why? What are the pros and cons of dating and communication on such sites? Let’s analyze.

Advantages of online social networks and dating sites

Almost each of us has at least once used a social network or dating site out of curiosity or in search for communication. And there is nothing wrong with it! After all, it is modern, convenient and fast. Moreover, psychologists widely recommend - "if you have a low self-esteem, a prolonged depression, then try to make acquaintances in social networks. Communicate, it will do you good!"

Thus, in terms of psychology, acquaintance through the Internet is not only a method of communication, but is also very beneficial for psychological health. It’s a kind of remedy for the soul. So say many experts who have studied the condition of people, making virtual friends.

Psychotherapists advocate the support for such dating, believing that it has a positive effect on those who deliberately decide to settle and arrange their personal lives through the use of the Internet.

But all is good in moderation, because online dating sites cannot be a panacea for loneliness; it is rather an additional opportunity to get rid of complexes and to add to your confidence. How?

Dating through the Internet can positively influence both men and women who got burned in marriage and are painfully going through the heartbreak with their soul mate. And here comes out a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend. By having one you manage not to be all alone with your pain, anguish and loneliness. Virtual company becomes the alternative to a good therapist, because when a person reveals his soul, he gets rid of the burden of doubts, problems and fears. The person gets much better psychologically, he quickly recovers and returns to his natural positive state.

Disadvantages of virtual communication

But do not forget about the disadvantages of virtual communication, which also take place. Virtual communication can gradually displace the real one and can become dominant in human life. The Internet is completely faceless. You just type the message, just send a letter, just receive the answer. There's no need for facial expressions, movement, eye contact, tone of voice, body language and poses. There is no real emotion. A person who is for a long time on the network and communicates virtually, simply weans from basic human communication, becomes dependent on the network itself and the computer. Yes, there are certain disadvantages. I agree. But! Social networks themselves do not create these minuses. It’s mainly connected with the human factor and the individual’s behavior. It should always be considered when it comes to the generalized Internet’s negative impact on people!

Find love on the Internet

Let’s move on to love and if it is possible to find love on the Internet. How real is virtual love? I can answer for certain: it IS. Those seeking a life partner with the help of the Internet will definitely find one. Besides, currently there is a great variety of servers of acquaintances. Register, meet and chat for your pleasure! But remember that one part of the clients of these servers are serious and really want to find a partner for life. The other part of the customers wants to find mere pals to chat on the Internet, without any desire to meet in real life afterwards. What should you do in this case?

Just be yourself, communicate honestly and hope for the best. You don't need to prove something to someone, don't need to please or feel sorry for someone, to fight for the companion with all the customers of the dating site. Remember! He needs a real woman, you need a real man. And if with such a coincidence of intentions you will like each other and get along well, then – "may you love and be together forever!"

Virtual communication should turn into a meeting

Most important is that the virtual communication eventually turned into a meeting. As they say, everything should be in moderation, so virtual love is good when it is not retained in the Platonic stage, in the stage of correspondence, but rapidly transforms into a real face to face communication.

The Internet is just a way to find a friend or a loved one, and virtual communication will never replace real life and real feelings. Keep this in mind if you want to live, not to be absorbed in your own illusions.

More pluses than minuses

Thus, personally I find more pluses than minuses in virtual communication. It’s wrong to say that virtual communication only hurts. In fact, any drug can be harmful if used in wrong quantities, as well as any poison can cure if used in proper doses.

Remember! The outcome of virtual communication depends on the purpose the person uses it for.


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