What can we say about age differences in a relationship between men and Ukrainian women? What is acceptable and what is not? What gives you the highest chance on success?

In general

First we need to say in general that love is not about age differences, but about feelings of course. So most important is that a woman loves a man for what he is. It is possible that a woman likes older men, because she likes a man who is more mature. So it depends also on the lady and a man what is acceptable and what can work for them or not.

For example

In a lady's profile is standing that she is looking for a man till 45. But a man of 47 is interested in her and writes her that he wants to meet her. It is possible that she can change her mind and choose for this man, if he is an interesting person and she is attracted by his quality or even his face. So a difference of 1 to 5 years in age from what is standing in her profile as a maximum age, doesn't have to be a problem.

Social pressure

Love is beautiful. And love can also make you blind. You don't have to see any problems when there is a big age difference with your partner, but the people in your environment can, they can react negative and they can make a problem of it. This will put social pressure on your relationship. Your relationship must be strong to survive this.

A too high age difference

Of course an age difference must not be too high. But what is too high? In general an age difference of around 20 years and more is too high. It is because a woman is then in another stage of life then he is. For example it is more difficult to communicate, because they have different interests and because they think differently about life, etc. Also the differences in health and physical conditions are too big, because she is much more active then he is. This gives problems when they want to share their activities in life, for example their hobbies or their activities in bed. And for solving problems in their relationship, which is normal that they will occur, it can also be difficult if they are in a different stage of life from each other. For a man she may not be mature enough to understand him and to handle problems. And for the woman a problem can be that she thinks much more modern then he does and she has other values in life. This gives problems in their communication to solve problems and communication is very important within a relationship. There are exceptions, but with such an age difference it is not likely that you will find a woman and if you do then it is not likely that this relationship will be successful.

What we recommend

An age difference of around 15 years is a critical point and is on the edge. As said here it depends a lot on the persons in question what they think about age differences and what they feel for each other. It is up to them, but we do not recommend men to look for ladies with an age difference of 15 years and more. You have a higher chance to find a woman and to have a successful relationship when the age difference is smaller than that. In general we think that an age difference between 10 and 15 years should be possible and it doesn't have to lead to any problems within the relationship. And an age difference of 10 years and less is not a problem at all. In Ukraine culture women think slightly different on age differences than in Western countries, you can read about it on our page cultural differences. But before you leave this page, please write a reaction, we will appreciate it.

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  • Posted 108 months ago
Hello my name is Martin I am 54 years old, when the age difference is high, it is how you look at it, I sport my whole life, I am in a very good condition and in a good shape, never smoked, and the same hobby's and interests as what I had 20 years ago, I didn't change so much, its how you feel, I have a very active life in every way so i don't think it is a big deal, if the woman wants an older man, some more adult , and you have more life and relation experience it good be positive working and not getting boring I suppose. it has everything to do with feelings, some men feel old when they are 45/55 I am not. and I work with a lot of young people and beautiful women, so for me personal a woman from 30/45 is acceptable and to do. greetings
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